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Best Water filters under the sink products

Buy best and quality Water filters under the sink products

Water filters under the sink. Sorption systems with a separate sink tap.

Universal set of replacement cartridges for stationary sorption filter AQUAPHOR Crystal AReplacement coarse cartridge K5 is made of polypropylene. It removes dirt and other particles of mechanical impurities from water up to 5 microns.The K2 cartridge is a carbon block with AQUALEN microfibre that r..
AQUAPHOR Crystal A is a filter for deep purification of drinking water with a high content of mechanical impurities.Crystal A removes virtually all contaminants found in tap water. The first - a polypropylene - cartridge protects the deep cleaning modules from clogging, thereby extending their life ..
Reverse osmosis system RO-31 Reverse osmosis system RO-31
-17 %
RO-31 system is the most compact reverse osmosis. The filtration rate of all systems in this series is very high, so with the RO-31 you will always have 2.5 liters of clean, soft and fresh water at hand. RO-31 will filter out any impurities, including toxic substances, bacteria and viruses, as well ..
₪1,800.00 ₪1,500.00
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