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Mini sofas and Chairs

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Mini sofas and Chairs (transformers).

Mini sofas and convertible armchairs are multifunctional furniture that makes it possible to form not one, but several seating areas in the living room. Lightweight mobile pieces of furniture can be rearranged as desired or as needed. The mini-sofa can be two combined armchairs without armrests that can be turned in different directions. Sliding backs can be folded down to the level of the seat, forming a sleeping place or a soft chaise lounge from a transforming chair. Mini sofas are comfortable in a small studio apartment, as well as in a large room divided into zones for various purposes.

Corner sofa bed SOFIA Corner sofa bed SOFIA
Brand: BOGFRAN MEBLE (PL) Size: 166.00cm x 240.00cm x 94.00cm
Corner sofa SOFIA, a stylish and modern sofa that converts into a full bed. The tastefully executed SOFIA model captivates with its stylish appearance in a modern interior.Upholstered furniture of the famous brand of the Polish factory BOGFRAN is made with attention to every detail. Carefully select..
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