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Hallway Furniture MONTI Hallway Furniture MONTI
-16 %
Hallway Furniture MONTIA hanger with a mirror at the entrance to the house is an integral part of any hallway in a modern apartment. Hallway MONTI - comfortable and miniature furniture for your hallway, which includes everything you need: a mirror, a shoe cabinet, a hanger for outerwear, convenient ..
₪1,480.00 ₪1,250.00
Hallway Furniture PRIMO Hallway Furniture PRIMO
-14 %
Hallway Furniture PRIMO..
₪2,965.00 ₪2,550.00
Hallway Furniture STELLA Hallway Furniture STELLA
-14 %
Hallway Furniture STELLA..
₪3,085.00 ₪2,650.00
Bedroom LAVA Bedroom LAVA
-17 %
The LAVA collection is composed of soothing colors accentuated by rounded shapes and interesting integrated lighting. All this gives the bedroom a pleasant and unique atmosphere.The set includes:Bed with bedside tableCupboardChest of drawers               &nbs..
₪13,250.00 ₪11,000.00
Coffee maker SEVERIN KA 4814 Coffee maker SEVERIN KA 4814
-17 %
Coffee maker with grinder and thermo jug SEVERIN KA 4814Automatic digital coffee machine with built-in smart coffee grinder and Severin operating timer KA-4814Pay attention!  The coffee culture in Israel is one of the most developed in the world. Israelis drink at home, close to 3 billion ..
₪1,690.00 ₪1,400.00
Dinner table SATURN-P
-13 %
High quality straight line dining table imported from Europe. The table is presented in a huge selection of colors and shades. The medium table folds out into a large dining table.Available in a wide range of colors.The price does not include chairs.Large selection of additional chairs to choose fro..
₪3,400.00 ₪2,950.00
Brand: GTECH
Modern homes have a shortage of storage space so we are all looking for one device that does everything. Therefore, we have created for you the Jitek Power Floor - a versatile device that combines a standing vacuum cleaner with a powerful, powerful rechargeable manual vacuum cleaner and a variety of..
₪1,790.00 ₪1,650.00
Vacuum cleaner THOMAS AMFIBIA PET PRO PLUSThe multifunctional Thomas AMFIBIA PET PRO PLUS vacuum cleaner is specially designed for pet owners.Thomas DryBox Amfibia Pet is a handy vacuum cleaner for quick and effective cleaning in homes with pets. Feature of the model - 2 types of dust collector DryB..
₪3,690.00 ₪3,490.00
The minimalism of the Arco White collection will be perfect for a modern bedroom. White gloss on the fronts and a note of noble oak will turn your bedroom into a unique place.The set includes:BedCupboard2 bedside tablesChest of drawers                M..
₪17,755.00 ₪16,200.00
An industrial style will also look good in the bedroom. Bedroom furniture from the ARDEN collection is a collection in an interesting color combination. A functional chest of drawers, a spacious wardrobe and a comfortable bed with atmospheric lighting and a decorative headboard will suit lovers of t..
₪17,900.00 ₪16,600.00
 LEAVE Chest of drawers  LEAVE Chest of drawers
-22 %
Chest of drawers LEAVE. Thanks to the Push-click system, the doors open with a light push on the facade...
₪4,600.00 ₪3,600.00
Bamboo Visco - Double orthopedic visco mattress without springs Bamboo Visco - Double orthopedic visco mattress without springs
New -70 %
Bamboo Visco - Double orthopedic mattress without springsVisco Bamboo Double mattress is an orthopedic mattress without springs, suitable for all sleeping positions, while significantly relieving back problems and pains. The mattress is sheathed with a unique Siberian bamboo fabric, airy and of high..
₪6,390.00 ₪1,890.00
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