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Coffee maker SEVERIN KA 4814 Coffee maker SEVERIN KA 4814
-17 %
Coffee maker with grinder and thermo jug SEVERIN KA 4814Automatic digital coffee machine with built-in smart coffee grinder and Severin operating timer KA-4814Pay attention!  The coffee culture in Israel is one of the most developed in the world. Israelis drink at home, close to 3 billion ..
₪1,690.00 ₪1,400.00
Induction Milk Frother Spuma 700 Plus Induction Milk Frother Spuma 700 Plus
-14 %
 Induction Milk Frother Spuma 700 Plus SM 3587Milk froth in perfection and much more! various applications for individual enjoyment thanks to 13 integrated programs.Perfect for vegans, athletes, families and coffee lovers! for hot and cold milk froth, milk froth from soy, cashew or lactose..
₪1,150.00 ₪990.00
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