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Multi baker. Prepare at home: mini donuts, Belgian waffles, cookies, apple pie, pretzels, sandwiches, steak,

Multi-Baker REDMOND RMB-M605 Multi-Baker REDMOND RMB-M605
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(Medical masks. Packaging - 50 pieces. At a special price for REDMOND customers) The Multibaker REDMOND M605 is an innovative baking device that allows you to cook a wide variety of desserts, diet treats and grilled dishes at home and with maximum simplicity.Complete with the M605 you get 3 intercha..
₪600.00 ₪500.00
“Pies” for the REDMOND multi-baker (a baking dish for pies and juicy) RAMB-11 "Grill" for the REDMOND multi-baker (grilling dish) RAMB-03 "Dutch waffles" for the multi-baker REDMOND (a form for baking crackers and wafers) RAMB-12 Hong Kong Waffles (for baking waffles) RAMB-20 "Bu..
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