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Sous Vide

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Quality Sous Vide products from DIgi Market Online Store in Israel.

Sous Vide modern cooking technology. The technology of cooking with the help of Sous Vid makes it possible to prepare a dish that will not be inferior in quality to the dishes of professional chefs, and at the same time you will spend a minimum of time and effort on cooking.

The Sous Vide method is very simple and easy to use. Products are placed in a special sealed bag from which air is sucked out. This package is then immersed in a container with a pogrom thermostat (usually around 52-65 degrees), after which a ready and tasty dish is obtained!

Healthy, gentle and fat-free cooking: vitamins and nutrients are preserved Perfectly cooked meat, fish and vegetables, no drying out Precise \"low temperature\" cooking via electronic temperature control between 40 – 99 °C 24-hour timer Removable, non-stick inner bowl Easy to clean LED display..
Automatic home vacuum device for the world's most advanced food from SEVERIN (Germany).SEVERIN FS 3611 Premium Vacuum Sealer Integrated Automatic Home Vacuum Device.Device with a special connection to a pipe connecting to an external vacuum container!Maintaining food freshness 8 times more than norm..
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