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Best Water Filtration Systems products

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Water Filtration Systems

Filter Jug Amethyst (2.8 L) Filter Jug Amethyst (2.8 L)
HOT -25 %
Filter Aquaphor Amethyst is now in Israel!Amethyst (2.8L)Slider lid simplifies water collection and protects the filter funnel from dust. The filter is also equipped with a mechanical resource counter, which will tell you the right moment to change the cartridge.Like any filter jug, Aquaphor..
₪120.00 ₪90.00
AQUAPHOR MAXFOR water filters - 3 AMX Filters
HOT -26 %
There are 3 replaceable filters in the package.    Cleans water from harmful impurities    Eliminates bad taste and odor    Removes lead, mercury and other heavy metals from water.Suitable for filter jugs made in Germany and the USA by comp..
₪120.00 ₪89.00
ONYX Filter Jug (4.2 L) ONYX Filter Jug (4.2 L)
HOT -19 %
Filter Jug Aquaphor ONYXElegant design inspired by natureNew shockproof housingPitcher volume 4.2 litersThe replaceable module serves 3 months for 3 peopleHeavy-Duty Tritan ™ Case The elegant design of the Provence A5 jug is combined with its large resource of 350 liters and the ability to deep..
₪149.00 ₪120.00
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