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Folding sun lounger Vacation image
Folding sun lounger Vacation image
Folding sun lounger Vacation image
Folding sun lounger Vacation image
Folding sun lounger Vacation image
Folding sun lounger Vacation image
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Folding sun lounger Vacation image
Folding sun lounger Vacation image
Folding sun lounger Vacation image
Folding sun lounger Vacation image
Folding sun lounger Vacation image
Folding sun lounger Vacation image

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Buy Folding sun lounger Vacation from Online Store
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  • Brand: SR
  • Model: 1153
  • Size: 🡢170.00cm x 🡥48.00cm x 🡡25.00cm
  • SKU: Chair Tourist
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 Delivery: 14 business days

Shipping cost: 59 NIS
Shipping cost for 2 chairs: 85 NIS
Shipping cost for 3 chairs: 100 NIS
Shipping cost for 4 chairs: 110 NIS

Before ordering, we recommend checking
delivery times with the store. If the goods 
are not available at the supplier's 
warehouses In Israel, the delivery time
will be 60-90 working days.


Length in supine position (cm)170
Width (cm)48
Height in supine position (cm)25
Height in sitting position (cm)115
Legrest length (cm)48
Diameter of base pipes (mm)30
Metal thickness of the base (mm)0.7
General characteristics


Folding sun lounger Vacation

The folding chair has five reclining positions from upright seating to almost full reclining.

Full support for the back and head areas and a comfortable footrest.

Comes with a pillow that can be put under the head or in the back areas for full support.

Thick plastic handles.

The chair is made of a material - Textiline.

A quality material that is resistant to formation works and does not fade in the sun.

Dries quickly and does not absorb moisture.

The chair folds easily and does not take up much storage space.

Perfect choice for a backyard, sun terraces and very useful for a picnic

Gray color

Main features:

Length in supine position (cm) 170

Width (cm) 48

Height in supine position (cm) 25

Height in sitting position (cm) 115

Length of handles (cm) 48

Legrest length (cm) 48

Diameter of base pipes (mm) 30

Metal thickness of the base (mm) 0.7

Fabric Textiles Textiles

Mattress - no

Delivery and Assembly

Delivery Time and Shipping Cost:

Delivery and Assembly:

Attention! The cost of delivery  and assembly depends on the type of furniture, delivery address, floor, elevator.  Therefore the cost of delivery and assembly is set with the store representative at the time of order confirmation. Payment for supplies and the assembly is paid directly to the carrier on the day of receipt of the goods. Delivery to localities that are far from the center of the country, such as: everything further from Karmiel in the north, everything further from Beersheba in the south and Jerusalem, will charge an additional fee of 150 NIS. Delivery to Eilat will be negotiated individually, having previously checked with a customer service representative. If a crane (manof) is required to transport the goods, the client is obliged to find, order and pay for the crane services himself.

Delivery terms:

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Returns/Exchanges and Cancellations Policy

Returns / Exchanges / Cancellations

Cancellations: If you wish to cancel the order, it can be canceled within 24 hours without a cancellation fee, after which a cancellation of a transaction will be charged a cancellation fee of approximately 35% of the total order.

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