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Exclusive beds

Quality Exclusive beds products from DIgi Market Online Store in Israel.

In our online store you can buy exclusive beds of Polish furniture brands LASKI MEBLE, FORTE and other famous factories. Elegant models with soft headrests in classic wood tones and bold combinations of black and white contrasts will adorn the bedroom. Exclusive FORTE beds are made with eco-leather headboards, which are decorated with quilting. The set includes bedside tables and a footrest upholstered in eco-leather. Mattresses with independent springs provide an orthopedic effect and good sleep, upholstered with environmentally friendly materials.

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Brand: FORTE
BELLEVUE bed with bedside tables from the Polish factory Forte. Available in color: black oak / noble oak.The headboard and bench seat are upholstered in eco-leather.A bedroom set with a chest of drawers, a bedside bench and a bed with bedside tables can be ordered separately by prior arrangement...
₪6,200.00 ₪5,600.00
Brand: FORTE
BELLEVUE bedroom from the Polish factory Forte.Available in black oak / noble oak (N09).The kit consists of the following items:Bed with sideboards - 1 pc.Bench - 1 pc.Chest of drawers  - 1 pc.The headboard and bench seat are upholstered in eco-leather...
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