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Delivery Information

1. Delivery of the goods by Suppliers is carried out in accordance with the conditions appearing in the information of each product offered for sale.

2. The delivery times that the Suppliers undertake to comply with are indicated to the Buyer in the Goods or are negotiated when confirming the Order by phone and / or in writing by e-mail. When calculating the Delivery Time, only working days are taken into account, i.e. the days of the week are Sunday through Thursday, and do not include Fridays and days before weekends (Jewish holidays). However, Suppliers make every effort to expedite delivery as quickly as possible. It is hereby emphasized that the Site does its best to ensure that the Suppliers ensure the timely delivery of goods, however, without being able to guarantee this, the Site is not responsible for any delays in delivery times. In this case, the customer will be able to cancel the transaction without paying the corresponding fee.

3. When filling out the order form, check the Supplier delivery option or the pickup option. The self-pickup option is not offered on the site by all Suppliers; by selecting it, you are exempt from shipping charges. Please note: after placing an order, you cannot change your choice. Choosing self-pickup, you will need to contact the Supplier by the phone number indicated next to the image of each product on the Marketplace, and coordinate your arrival. By choosing the pick-up option, the Supplier is not responsible for damage to the goods due to self-transportation / assembly by the buyer.

4. Please note that the goods will be delivered to your home by messengers / pickers at the address you provided at check-in, unless otherwise instructed. Delivery of goods is carried out in accordance with the provisions of this Charter. If the delivery address belongs to a legal entity (company), you should indicate its name next to the name of the customer.

5. Each product featured on the site has its own delivery time specified in the product information. Delivery of goods by messengers is carried out in accordance with the conditions of the company for the transportation of goods, the services of which are used by this or that Supplier, as well as according to the list of settlements where the goods should be delivered. Delivery to emergency / remote / beyond the green line settlements requires additional payment. If the shipping company is unable to deliver the goods to the client's home, including areas with restricted entry due to increased danger, as well as due to adverse weather conditions and / or due to the danger to which its employees may be exposed, the client will receive appropriate explanations from the Supplier. In this case, the Supplier and the customer can develop an alternative delivery method.

6. In the case of delivery conditions recognized as extraordinary - in the opinion of the Supplier or his authorized representatives - the entire cost of delivery must be paid by the customer in whose name the order is placed. (Extraordinary conditions may be those in which delivery by stairs or an elevator is impossible, in which special equipment is required or in which the goods must be delivered to one of the upper floors of a high-rise building.)

7. Suppliers or persons acting on their behalf may require the presence of the credit card holder at the time of delivery of the goods and / or presentation of the passport (teudat zeuta) of the credit card holder and / or the signature of the credit card holder on the back of the delivery coupon and / or receipt of delivery - as conditions for the transfer of goods.