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Kitchen Islands & Carts

Kitchen island - 803 Kitchen island - 803
-16 %
Brand: YIRON Size 🡲L 🡵W 🡱H: 230.00cm x 53.00cm x 82.00cm
Large kitchen island with drawers - model 803Island in the kitchen with a folding barThe kitchen island is made in a classic style.Suitable for both light-colored kitchens and completely black ones.It consists of three blocks plus a folding table.Lots of storage space for kitchen utensils.Drawers ar..
₪2,350 ₪1,970
Kitchen island - 804 Kitchen island - 804
-11 %
Brand: YIRON Size 🡲L 🡵W 🡱H: 120.00cm x 77.00cm x 82.00cm
Kitchen island model 804Bar table with drawersThis island is perfect for small kitchens.There are many compartments for storing crockery and cutlery.The boxes move along telescopic guides made of metal with an anti-corrosion coating.The move is smooth. The design can withstand heavy loads.The kitche..
₪1,700 ₪1,520
Kitchen island - 805 Kitchen island - 805
-14 %
Brand: YIRON Size 🡲L 🡵W 🡱H: 180.00cm x 77.00cm x 82.00cm
Kitchen island model 805Large kitchen island with drawers.Huge dining area. Lots of storage space.The island consists of three compartments.Made in a classic style.Suitable for any kitchen in light colors.Deep drawers are suitable for storing pots and pans.Nothing superfluous, the maximum useful vol..
₪2,200 ₪1,900
Kitchen island with bar counter - 801 Kitchen island with bar counter - 801
-16 %
Brand: YIRON Size 🡲L 🡵W 🡱H: 170.00cm x 53.00cm x 83.00cm
Kitchen island with bar counter, model 801Original design.The worktop is attached to the side of the kitchen island and can be folded down to save space.Numerous drawers and shelves will replace the lack of usable space in the kitchen wall.The compartments are deep. You can store cutlery, pans, pots..
₪1,900 ₪1,600
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