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The FORTE company, founded by Maciej Formanowicz, began production activities in 1992 in Mazowiecka Islands. Today JSC Furniture Factory FORTE is a leading Polish manufacturer and exporter of furniture, which owns four factories in Poland and ten trading companies.

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Brand: FORTE
BELLEVUE bed with bedside tables from the Polish factory Forte. Available in color: black oak / noble oak.The headboard and bench seat are upholstered in eco-leather.A bedroom set with a chest of drawers, a bedside bench and a bed with bedside tables can be ordered separately by prior arrangement...
₪6,200.00 ₪5,600.00
Brand: FORTE
BELLEVUE bedroom from the Polish factory Forte.Available in black oak / noble oak (N09).The kit consists of the following items:Bed with sideboards - 1 pc.Bench - 1 pc.Chest of drawers  - 1 pc.The headboard and bench seat are upholstered in eco-leather...
Brand: FORTE
Coffee Table Lacjum is made of environmentally friendly materials. Suitable for both classic interior and modern. Very roomy. Color classification: Noble oak..
Brand: FORTE
Our most popular model! Like everyone without exception! Rounded lines and pleasant colors will not leave you indifferent either!GENETIC modular furniture is a modern offer of furniture for the living room. The wall to the living room is accentuated by massive stripes surrounding the facades and asy..
₪6,800.00 ₪6,500.00
Brand: FORTE
NEW! The wall unit is made of environmentally friendly materials. Suitable for both classic interior and modern. Very roomy. Glass shelves withstand weight up to 12 kilograms! Color classification: Black oak / noble oak..
Wall unit Locarno Wall unit Locarno
-15 %
Brand: FORTE
The modern Locarno wall unit perfectly combines modern design and functionality. The round shape of this model will create a cozy atmosphere in your home. Color: Nelson Oak / Gray ..
₪7,800.00 ₪6,600.00
Brand: FORTE
Black is always in fashion! A stunning combination of colors: black shiny and natural walnut!No one will remain indifferent!Great for collectors - there is a lot of space under glass where you can organize a mini exhibition of your collection!..
Brand: FORTE
The wall unit of Nabou, very popular among our customers, can please you with its pleasant view. A successful combination of natural wood and gray colors is excellent for most interiors...
Brand: FORTE
New from Forte Furniture Factory - Omira Model. Now at a trial price! This model has an unusual design and lightness. A good combination of elements and colors...
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