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Power Magnet Visco - Single orthopedic mattress withought springs

Power Magnet Visco - Single orthopedic mattress withought springs image
Power Magnet Visco - Single orthopedic mattress withought springs image
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Power Magnet Visco - Single orthopedic mattress withought springs image
Power Magnet Visco - Single orthopedic mattress withought springs image
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Springless mattressViscoFiller Memory Foam
Springless mattress
Visco Layer
Filler Memory Foam
Layer Pillow Top
Layer Pillow Top
The degree of firmness of  the
mattress is Hard - level 6    Mattress height 30 cm20 years Warranty
The degree of firmness of  the
mattress is Semi-Hard,
level 6
Mattress height
30 cm
20 Years Warranty
except fabric and sewing

Natural air circulationFabric Cotton Feel Climate SimilitudeAntibacterial
Natural air circulationFabric Cotton Feel Climate SimilitudeAntibacterial

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Power Magnet Visco - Single orthopedic mattress withought springs

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  • Model: 1195
  • Size: 🡢190.00cm x 🡥80.00cm x 🡡30.00cm
  • SKU: PM140190
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 Delivery: 14-21 business days

Shipping cost:

  • Transportation to Haifa to Beer Sheva 300 NIS to be paid directly to the carrier
  • Transport north to Haifa, south of Be'er Sheva, beyond the Green Line, east, north and south of Jerusalem: Transport cost to these areas: 350 NIS to be paid directly to the carrier
  • Transport to the house to the Arava area, south of Dimona to Arad: Transportation cost to these areas: 450 NIS to be paid directly to the carrier
  • Transportation cost to Eilat: 500 NIS to be paid directly to the carrier
  • 3rd floor and above in a building without an elevator or the product does not enter the elevator: additional 50 NIS per floor starting from the 3rd floor and above for payment with the carrier
Before ordering, we recommend checking
delivery times with the store. If the goods 
are not available at the supplier's 
warehouses In Israel, the delivery time
will be 60-90 working days.


Length (cm)190-200
Width (cm)80-110
Height (cm)30
Mattress Firmness
FirmnessMedium: Medium Hard Mattress - 6
Warranty & Delivery, Country of origin
Supplier Warranty20 years


Power Magnet Visco - Single orthopedic mattress withought springs

Single orthopedic springless mattress Power Magnet Visco, semi-rigid.
Perfectly supports the body, providing healthy sleep and good rest.
The mattress has an increased "comfort layer" Visco Pilotope for maximum support at all points of contact with the body. Suitable for all sleeping positions, including on the stomach, and provides optimal distribution of the load centers of gravity in 9 support zones - Suport Zone.
Visco is a material developed by NASA. Among its main properties are the absorption of body heat and the distribution of weight and load in the best possible way. Despite the firmness of the mattress, the Visco foam not only serves to provide support, but also gives the feeling of softness and comfort, characteristic only for this material, built into the top of the mattress (no need to turn the mattress over to evenly shrink the soft components, and if the mattress becomes too soft, it can be turned over - on the other side of the mattress is the same fabric).
The mattress uses cell-shaped layers to optimally support the Visco layer, allowing for proper distribution of body weight. To prevent the mattress from sagging and losing its shape for many years of service, it is equipped with a frame made of built-in supports and a steel strip around the perimeter.
The mattress is wrapped in the highest quality Cotton Feel Climate Similitude fabric with the addition of millions of magnetic fibers, very dense, but at the same time airy and pleasant to the touch, suitable for the Israeli climate. The presence of magnetic fibers improves blood circulation and oxygenation, as well as the best distribution of body weight.
The mattress is not recommended for people with a pacemaker and / or any metal implant that can be affected by magnetic fibers, as well as those suffering from epilepsy.
The mattress has a system of ventilation holes on both sides for good air circulation and preventing unpleasant odors.
The cover has a deep and high-quality stitching, as well as wide and durable carrying handles on both sides of the mattress.
The mattress passed antibacterial processing and strict quality control.

The height of the mattress is about 30 cm.
20 year warranty except fabric and sewing.
The mattress is available in any desired size.

Delivery and Assembly

Delivery Time and Shipping Cost:

Delivery and Assembly:

Attention! The cost of delivery  and assembly depends on the type of furniture, delivery address, floor, elevator.  Therefore the cost of delivery and assembly is set with the store representative at the time of order confirmation. Payment for supplies and the assembly is paid directly to the carrier on the day of receipt of the goods. Delivery to localities that are far from the center of the country, such as: everything further from Karmiel in the north, everything further from Beersheba in the south and Jerusalem, will charge an additional fee of 150 NIS. Delivery to Eilat will be negotiated individually, having previously checked with a customer service representative. If a crane (manof) is required to transport the goods, the client is obliged to find, order and pay for the crane services himself.

Delivery terms:

Delivery times for each product are specified separately. When calculating delivery times, only working days (from Sunday to Thursday of the week, excluding weekends, bank holidays and public holidays) from the date of receipt of payment from the customer's credit company are taken into account.
There may be delays due to sea delivery when ordering furniture from abroad, which cannot be influenced by the Supplier, in these cases the delivery time will be extended by another 30 working days and will not be considered a delay. However, suppliers make every effort to expedite delivery as much as possible, but, being unable to guarantee this, therefore, the online store is not responsible for any delays.
Furniture from the "Modular Furniture" category is modular, which reserves the right for the Supplier to make delivery as the modules arrive from the factory, within an additional 60 working days after the first delivery of the goods to the customer's home.

Returns/Exchanges and Cancellations Policy

Returns / Exchanges / Cancellations

Cancellations: If you wish to cancel the order, it can be canceled within 24 hours without a cancellation fee, after which a cancellation of a transaction will be charged a cancellation fee of approximately 35% of the total order.

Return: The mattress cannot be returned once the package has been opened. Returns are possible within 14 days, provided that the original packaging of the mattress is preserved, with no obvious signs of use. When determining the use of the mattress, an amount of 35% of the total amount of the order is deducted from the refund.

Replacement: Replacement of a mattress with another model, with recalculation of the cost of the mattress, is possible provided that the original packaging of the mattress is preserved, while the cost for delivery of another model of the mattress will be the same as that the customer paid during the first transportation (negotiated individually during the initial purchase of the mattress)

Customer Service: 052-9708077

Hours of operation: Sunday - Thursday (excluding holidays and holiday eves) from 09:00 - 18:00.


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