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Transforming Tables

Quality Transforming Tables products from DIgi Market Online Store in Israel.

Transformer tables are an irreplaceable thing in the interior of a small apartment or studio. Such a table is easy to fold and put away when not needed, and unfold to receive guests. The reliable mechanism allows you to fold and unfold the transformer table many times without losing its functional qualities. Designers are constantly inventing new designs that allow you to remove the table legs, fold the table top in half, and offer other useful and interesting models. In our catalog you will find transformable tables made of different materials and their combinations: wood, metal, glass.
Round table Mars Round table Mars
-14 %
Round extendable table. Nice compact dining table.The table top is 1 meter in diameter.In the center there is a "Butterfly" mechanism for easy unfolding of the table.When unfolded, it has the shape of an oval 140x100 cm.Unfolding the table is easy and convenient.The wide-set legs give the table extr..
₪2,270.00 ₪1,950.00
Table Milano Table Milano
-14 %
Table Transformer.Stylish design solution for your living room.An elegant folding table will be a decoration of the salon.The wooden table can be easily moved apart, increasing the length by 40 cm.The table is made of high quality wood.Reliable and stable.Opens in the center.Sliding Butterfly mechan..
₪2,270.00 ₪1,950.00
Table Shanghai Table Shanghai
-16 %
Living room tablePowerful extendable classic salon table.When unfolded, it reaches a length of 3.5 meters - it can accommodate up to 18 people!When folded it is a complete dining area for six people.Made of natural wood - oak, has a beautiful varnish finish.The massive X-shaped legs, which are super..
₪5,150.00 ₪4,350.00
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